150KG/H Stainless Steel Fresh Noodles Making Machine Commercial

150KG/H Stainless Steel Fresh Noodles Making Machine Commercial
  • Fresh Noodles Making Machine
  • Noodles Machine
  • Stainless Steel Noodles Machine
150KG/H Stainless Steel Fresh Noodles Making Machine Commercial
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The Description of Fresh Noodles Making Machine
This noodles making machine can make different size of fresh noodles, it is highly automated and made of stainless steel to ensure a healthier food production.
Fresh Noodles Making Machine
Using high-quality food-grade materials, noodles are made healthy and hygienic, and the noodle machine runs smoothly and has low noise. It is suitable for small and medium-sized noodle factories.

Fresh Noodle Making Machine Operation Guide
1. Dough Mixing: The noodle is the first process of noodle production. Put the flour into the noodle machine and start to mix the noodles. Add water according to the prescribed ratio of 25%, and mix the noodles and water evenly into granules.
2. Adjustment: Adjust the roll gap with the hand wheel. During the adjustment process, adjust or loosen the hand wheel, patiently grasp, stop the adjustment when you are not proficient, and lock the hand wheel after normal.
3. Operation: Put the mixed flour into the dough bucket, press the knife and fix the blade, and it can be turned on. The panel of the third group should be led to the next group (multiple groups according to the analogy).

Testing Video of Commercia Noodle Making Machine

Stainless Steel Noodles Machine Product Performance
1. This equipment consists of a single-row double-chain conveyor mechanism, heating system, moisture exhaust system and fan system.
2. Steam, hot water, heat transfer oil and hot air can be used as the heat source.
3. The whole machine has simple structure, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, and simple operation and maintenance.
4. The yield is high, and the noodles produced are uniform in color, not bent, and have high breaking strength.
5. According to customer needs, the temperature and humidity automatic control system of commercial noodle making machine can be configured.Commercial Noodle Making Machine

Technical Data

Type GG-5-350
The width of Facets 350mm
The main roll size 140*350mm
Capacity 350kg/h
Power 4KW
Weight 1200kg
Dimension 3200*780*1370mm



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