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Introduction of Noodle Machine
The full automatic noodle machine adopts a multi group roll continuous rolling method, adding the mixed flour into the face bucket. The machine head adopts the principle of two one in one, and the two sheets which are rolled out by the two groups of press rolls before and after, are automatically transported to the lower part of the lower roller to form the reduplication of the dough and then pass through each roll of the fuselage to press the face sheet at once. The solid surface is calender. Finally, it is cut into noodles through the surface knife, automatic section, and fresh noodle is automatically transported.
noodle machine for sale
Chowmein Making Machine Advantages

1. The knives can be changed: one machine is multi-purpose, and different cutters can be used to make different noodles.
2. High degree of automation: mechatronics design, multi-functional operation, simple and convenient, saving time and effort, convenient and fast.
3. The products are clean and hygienic: stainless steel equipment, rust free and easy to clean. During the processing, the environment is clean and sanitary.
4. Kinds of noodles: The students surpass the teacher. rather than blue, combined with the current popular fruits and vegetables can be made of flour, noodle color.
5. Noodle making is flexible: all the noodles are thick and even, which can be controlled, and the thickness of small holes can also be controlled.
6. The processing cost is low: the floor area is small, the installation is simple and the technology is advanced.
chow mein
Matters needing attention:
1. the machine is rigorously reversed
2. all bearings and chain parts should be lubricated and edible oil well lubricated.
3. during the warranty period, it was found that there were problems arising from manufacturing, and manufacturers gave free repairs.
4. due to improper use, the personal injury of the machine is caused by the user.
5. the machine is guaranteed for a year (from the day of purchase) for lifelong maintenance.

Technical Data
Model GG-8-260 GG-8-300 GG-8-350 GG-8-400
Width of  Dough sheet 260mm 300mm 350mm 400mm
Main Roller 160*260mm 160*300mm 160*350mm 160*400mm
Output 240-260kg/h 280-300kg/h 330-350kg/h 380-400kg/h
Power 6KW 6kw 6kw 6kw
Weight 1000kg 1200kg 1360kg 1500kg
Size 2900*680*1370mm 2900*700*1400mm 2900*730*1400mm 2900*780*1400mm


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