Full Automatic Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant Cost(500 kg/h)

Full Automatic Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant Cost(500 kg/h)
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  • Automatic Peanut Butter Plant
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Full Automatic Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant Cost(500 kg/h)
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 10 Set/Per Month Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao Port


Introduction of Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant
This peanut butter plant is a full automatic operation equipment, it was designed by reference of the foreign technology and own rich experience, mainly used for peanut butter production. It also suitable for sesame, almond, cashew, walnut, etc, wide range of use, affordable cost.
Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant
The peanut butter manufacturing plant is consists of feed elevator, peeling machine, continuous roaster, conveyor, cooling machine, decorticating machine, sorting conveyor, grinding machine, pump, storage slot, mixing machine, vacuum deair, packing machine, etc. This plant has advantages of high automation, easy-operating integrated control, stable performance, high product quality, etc. Automatic peanut butter making machine can used for production the large scale of peanut butter, sesame tahini, almond butter, etc, it is an ideal and low price butter processing equipment for food processing plant.
Working Video of Peanut Butter Processing Machine
Characteristics of Automatic Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant
♥ Roasting: this roaster’s working temperature is 200-210 ºC, baking 20-30 minutes, easy to use and wide range of uses.
♥ Peeling: Put the roasted peanuts into peeler machine to take off the red skin, peeling rate is 98%, automatic separation of skin and kernel.
♥ Grinding: Using peanut butter grinder, the fineness of grinding is controlled below 7μm, temperature of grinding is controlled below 68.
♥ Mixing: Make the peanut butter more homogeneous. Degasser: Through this machine takes out the air from peanut butter.
♥ Storage tank: Peanut butter settling down in the storage tank till the temperature drop to air temperature.
Automatic Peanut Butter Plant
Advantages of Automatic Peanut Butter Processing Plant
1. Whole manufacturing plant include the roaster, dry peeler, feeding machine, grinder, vacuum degassing machine, cooler and so on.
2. High degree of automation, good reliability, full enclosed production, no pollution, the finished peanut butter meet the export standard.
3. The detailed technology and capacity of automatic peanut butter plant can be customized according to the customers' requirements.
4. This peanut butter processing plant can make peanut butter, sesame butter, almond butter, walnut butter, cashew butter and others.
5. Automatic peanut butter making machine made of stainless steel 304 materials, good quality, the peanut butter is clean and hygienic.

The factory has different scale peanut butter production plant, we will formulate different specifications cost according to customers' needs. Customers can show us the size of the factory, budget, etc. We have professional engineers to design for you.

Technical Data

No. Name Power(KW) Size(mm)
1 Hoist 0.75 1500*800*3000
2 Baking and cooling machine 130 80000*1900*2600
3 Hoist 0.75 1000*500*2800
4 Peeling machine for half 1.5 1100*900*1100
5 Screening belt 0.75 6000*800*1000
6 Hoist 0.75 1000*500*3400
7 store material feeding machine 0.55 700*700*2200
8 Butter grinding machine 11*2 900*350*900
9 Storage tank   500L
10 Paste pump 1.5 1200*300*350
11 Mixing tank 4 1000L
12 Vacuum degassing tank 4 1000L
13 Paste pump 1.5 1200*300*350
14 Storage tank   1000L
15 Filling machine 1.5 1000*1100*1700


1.Do you have manual or video for operation?
 We have operation manual and video on your request.
2.Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
We are professional manufacturer and supplier. Our company GELGOOG engaged in a wide range of machine business,we provide best quality machines and solutions for global users in Food Processing Machines,Packing Machines,and Other Machinery Fields.From The Single Machine To The Automatic Product Line ,From China To The Whole World.

3. Why don't person reply to me?
 Our person is 24hours on-line. When nobody reply you , please leave your requirements on e-mail or chat tool, we will reply you as soon as possible.

4.How do you make your price?
 We make the price according to our comprehensive costing. And our price will be competitive becasue we consider of material cost, labor force, exchange fluctuations rade, economic situation etc.

5.Can you guarantee your quality?
Of course. We are pioneer in the manufacture of Peanut Processing Machinery, More important, we put a high value on our reputation. Competitive price with Best quality is our principle.


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