Sugar Powder Making Machine|Icing Sugar Grinding Machine For Sale

Sugar Powder Making Machine|Icing Sugar Grinding Machine For Sale
  • sugar powder making machine
  • sugar grinding machine for sale
  • icing sugar grinding machine
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Sugar Powder Making Machine|Icing Sugar Grinding Machine For Sale
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Introduction of Icing Sugar Grinding Machine
This equipment is the ideal and professional machine for making icing sugar with high quality, and it is for sale in many countries, widely praised by customers. It comes with simple and solid structure, stable running, high grinding efficiency. The crushed material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different size of granule or powder can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh. Its inner wall is processed finely, so it is smooth and level, which overcomes the shortcomings existed in the old model such as roughness, accumulated powder. This sugar powder making machine makes the production of medicines, foodstuff and chemicals and so on in conformity with the requirements of state standard and GMP. Water cooling device, and conveyor screw can be equipped according to customer’s needs.
Sugar Grinding Machine For Sale

Features of Sugar Powder Making Machine
The icing sugar grinding machine utilizes the relative motion between the movable gear plate and the fixed gear plate to crush the crushed material by the tooth impact, friction and material impact. The machine structure is simple, solid, smooth operation, good crushing effect, the crushed material can be directly from the main engine grinding cavity discharge, particle size through the replacement of different aperture sieve network obtained. The internal wall of the sugar powder making machine is machined to the surface smoothly, and the former model has changed the roughness of the inner wall and the powder accumulation, so that the production of drugs, food and chemical industry all reach the "GMP" standard, and the machine has reached the international advanced level.

Working Video of Sugar Grinding Machine

After-sale Service of Icing Sugar Gringing Machine
1. Design and production
The company in the processing of equipment to undertake the design, production phase, a wide range of demand-side advice, especially in the flat façade layout fully consider the requirements of the site conditions and public works conditions, so that the equipment in the quality assurance colleagues, take into account the combination of optimization.
2. Installation and commissioning
Equipment to reach the demand side of the field, out company sent full-time technical staff to know the installation and responsible for commissioning to normal use.
3. Training
Before the normal use of equipment, our company commissioning personnel will organize the needs of the human training, training, including: equipment maintenance, maintenance, general failure of timely maintenance, equipment operation and use of procedures.
sugar powder grinder machine

Technical Data

Model GG-250
Production capacity 30-200kg/h
Voltage 380V
Motor Power 5.5Kw
Crushing fineness 10-120mesh
Dimensions (L*W*H) 750*600*1260
Weight 180Kg
Material stainless steel 304


1.Ask:What's The MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
Answer:We Are Specialized In Wholesales Of Food Machinery, We Are Mainly For Whole,So The MOQ Is 10 Sets!
2.Ask:What About The Quality Guarantee?
Answer:One Year.
3.Ask:Can I Visit Your Company?
Answer:We Have Exhibition Hall In Zhengzhou City,Welcome To Visit Us To Examine The Quality And Negotiate Our Business!


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