With many years of production experience, the company specializes in providing various pastry processing solutions: fried chicken nuggets solution, biscuit solution, spring roll solution, cake solution, etc.
The automatic hard and soft biscuit production line is a professional equipment specially used for producing various biscuits. It is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and two heating methods are optional. It only needs to be adjusted properly once, long-term use, and stable program performance. High degree of automation and high efficiency.
Features of Biscuit Production Line Solution

1 Adopt PLC, touch screen, gas, electricity and optical eye control.

2 The production of high-quality parts makes the equipment performance more stable.

3 The gas stove adopts energy-saving gas, which heats up quickly and saves energy.

4 High degree of automation, from feeding to calendering, forming, waste recycling, baking, oil injection, and cooling are completed in one go.

5This production line can be combined in any combination according to the user's site requirements and the requirements of the biscuit technology to achieve the desired effect.

6The whole line of biscuit production line adopts imported electrical components, frequency conversion speed regulation, energy saving and reliable, single control and joint control are available.

Advantages of Hard and Soft Biscuit Production Line

Well-known Brand Parts

Frequency conversion speed regulation: The mechanical operation adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be adjusted at will according to different products.

Double Mesh Belt Design

High degree of automation: The production line is fully automated from feed calendering, molding, waste recycling, drying, oil injection, cooling, etc., to one-off completion.

Four-way Chain Lifting System

Energy-saving and reliable: the line adopts imported electrical components, single control and joint control are both possible, and the equipment operation is more flexible and reliable.

Frequency Conversion Speed Control

High safety: The production line is equipped with leakage automatic power-off and fault alarm system to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

Automatic Filtration System

Wide range of applications: it can produce crispy, tough biscuits, cookies and other products according to the customer's biscuit process requirements.

Intelligent Control Cabinet

Diversified heating methods: The oven has electric, gas and other heating and baking methods for customers to choose at will.

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Single Machine in the Production Line

Roller Cutting Machine

Biscuit Tunnel Oven

Oil Spraying Machine

Cooling Conveyor Line

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