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This automatic waffle bowl production line is used for making waffle bowl and waffle cup, there are different shapes and sizes can be produced. These finished product as a edible container for the next step to hold ice cream and other similar products. 
Waffle Bowl Production Line Manufacturer
In addition to making crispy waffle bowls, this equipment can also make ice cream sugar cones. It has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions, automatic operation, large production capacity, and durability. According to the different needs of users, we have produced 5 models of this type, with different output and different price.
Machinery for Ice Cream Waffle Bowl Production
The automatic waffle bowl production line is driven by the 3phase power and use the gas heating(natural gas or liquid gas). With high production capacity, it can produce 3000-7500 pieces of waffle cups per hour. 

Working Video of Ice Cream Waffle Bowl Product Line

The whole set ice cream cone machine is a high degree of automation equipment, in the process of making ice cream cones do not need too many operators, the entire production line only need 4 people. The company also provides ancillary equipment, technical detectors, ice cream machine and so on. 
Automatic Waffle Bowl Machine
The Features of Ice Cream Waffle Bowl Production Plant
1. The whole production line is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic.
2. Multifunctional, can make different sizes and shapes of crisp bowls, crisp tubes and so on.
3. High output and high working efficiency, with an average output of 3000-7500 egg cones per hour.
4. Simple operation and high degree of automation, saving labor costs.

The full automatic waffle bowl production line include oven, conveyor, counting system, and raw material feeding bucket. It is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming, falling off from molds, conveying products, stacking and counting.
Technical Data
Capacity 3000-3500pcs/h 3500-4000pcs/h 4500-5000pcs/h 5500-6250pcs/h 7000-7500pcs/h
Power 2.2KW, 380V 50Hz 3phase 3KW, 380V 50Hz 3phase  
Gas consumption 140cube/24hours 160cube/24hours 200cube/24hours 240cube/24hours 280cube/24hours
Dimension 6.5*1.8*1.75m 8*1.85*1.8m 9*1.9*1.85m 10*1.9*1.85m 11*1.9*1.85m
Total weight 4200kg 4700kg 5100kg 6000kg 7100kg


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