Large Scale Vegetable Noodle Maker Machine in Restaurant

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The Introduction of Vegetable Noodle Machine
This noodle maker machine is widely used for making different outputs of vegetable noodles, and the food contact part of the equipment is made of stainless steel, make sure the production of noodles is safer and healthier. Different yields can meet verious scale restaurants and noodle processing plants.
Commercial Use Noodle Maker Machine
The noodle machine produced by the company has a complete range of specifications, including two types, ordinary type and array type, and more than 10 models for users to choose. The common type adopts all-steel gear transmission and all-bearing power. The arrangement type adopts reducer mechanism, chain sprocket drive, full bearing bearing force, automatic section, and automatic rod loading.
Vegetable Noodle Making Machine Manufacturer
What are the Characteristics of Noodle Maker Machine?
1. The machine adopts chain drive, stable operation, high quality accessories, safer and more reliable use, and low noise.
2. Multiple sets of rolling, drawing rolls, uniform feeding, uniform pressing of the dough, smooth surface, uniform thickness.
Vegetables Noodle Maker Machine
3. Automatic section, one molding, only one worker is needed in the production process, saving labor costs.
4. The contact flour parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of national health standards.
5. Compact structure, user-friendly design, labor saving, and simple operation.

Production Process Video of Automatic Vegetable Noodle Machine

Advantages of Commercial Noodle Maker Machine
1. The machine is composed of multiple sets of noodle rolls arranged in a combination, which automatically picks up the noodles and forms it at one time, and is produced in an assembly line.
2. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, high efficiency, safety and health.
3. It can automatically knead, press, fold, and transport after it is turned on, which reduces the number of contacts between the machine and people, eliminates safety hazards, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.
4. The light belt wheel is used for speed reduction and chain transmission, which is easy to operate, strong in power and low in noise.
Noodle Maker Machine in Restaurant
Our company is an enterprise that researches, develops and produces pasta machinery, specializing in the production of various dry and wet pasta machines. With strong technical force, various professional supporting equipment and advanced production technology, it has formed products with more than 20 specifications such as single-group production and multiple-group one-time molding. The various technical indicators of the products have reached the national technical standards, and have been sold all over the world for many years and are well received by users.
Technical Data
Model GG-7-350
Capacity 280-320KG/H
Power 4KW
Size 2950*850*1500MM
Weight 780KG


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