Commercial Vacuum dehydrator Machine

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dehydration for starch milk
automatic control, automatic feed unloading
shorter drying time, high yield, low moisture obtain 36.5% wet starch. The product has a reasonable design, simple structure, advanced performance, low labor intensity, easy maintenance and so on. Especially suitable for low solid concentration, fine-grained, viscosity of the suspension filter dewatering large easy to plug the filter cloth.
Stainless steel structure
The main application areas:
1. Corn gluten dewatering filter.
2. A dewatering filter wheat starch.
3. pulp sludge dewatering filter.
working principle 
Walking cloth filter system of filtration equipment. Operation, groove body material under vacuum suction, liquid permeable medium (cloth), the pipette into the dispensing valve, and then enter the auto emissions filtrate cylinder (or separator outlet pipe from the dispensing valve device) after discharge. Solids remaining on the filter cloth form a filter cake, cake walk cloth, driven by the discharge rollers, automatic unload. Cloth after automatic correction device correcting the wash cloth into the box, reborn in duplex rinse spray water into the tank through the tension roller, starting a new job.
Technical Data
Model GG 03 GG05 GG06 GG10 GG16
filter area 3m² 5m² 6m² 10m² 16m²
Capacity 0.2-0.3t/ m²
Motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 3kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Size(m) 1.1*1.5*1.6 1.6*1.5*1.6 1.6*1.8*1.9 2.2*1.8*1.94 2*1.9*2.1


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