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Introduction of Automatic Spring Roll Machine
Spring roll making machine is also called spring roll production line, which is mainly composed of dough mixer, spring roll wrapper forming machine, filling machine, stacking machine, frying machine and other equipment. It is a necessary equipment for making spring rolls, which is more stable and unified than hand-made. It has different models, so the price is different.
Spring Roll Making Machine in Factory Price
Spring Roll's Production Process
The batter is baked into dough by the baking wheel, and then sent to the wrapping mechanism after the continuous filling system. The wrapping wheel forms the filling, and finally cuts according to the product size to complete the open spring roll. Finally, it is fried and deoiled to make delicious spring roll snacks.
After the dough is baked, it will be cut into a uniform size, and then automatically rotate the dough 45 degrees after the filling, in the filling position in line with the hand-made method, and then through the special hook and clapper mechanism, quickly handle the three corners of spring roll skin The folding process is finally completed through the iron mesh wrap.
Automatic Spring Roll Production Line
Advantages of Spring Roll Making Machine
1. Full frequency conversion: changing the power supply frequency, thereby adjusting the load, has the effect of reducing power consumption, reducing losses, and extending the service life of the equipment.
2. Without noise: the noise of the equipment during the day and night is controlled below 40 decibels, which will not affect the surrounding environment, do not disturb the people, and worry-free production.
3. Humanized customer solutions: rich technical reserves, 10 years of experience, industry senior manufacturers, professional customization for customers, customer needs are our standards.
4. Diversified heating system: this automatic spring roll machine has ordinary electric heating plate, imported full-bridge electromagnetic, ordinary gas, natural gas heating.
5. Simplified operating system: stable performance, unique mechanism, labor saving, innovative technology, one-person operation, no need of technical experience to start production.

Working Video of Spring Roll Making Machine in Vietnamese
Technical Data
Model GG6QP-3000
Voltage 380V/220V/415V(50/60HZ)
Power 13kw or gas heating
Host Power 0.75kw
Cutter Power 0.2kw
Conveyor Power 0.55kw
Dusting 1 piece
Cooling Fan 2-6pieces 15kw/piece
Slurry Pump Power 1.5kw
Capacity 1000-3000pcs/h
Machine Size 7500mm*1200mm*1900mm
Net Weight 1520kg
Mixer Mixer Power: 1.1kw
Mixer Speed: 131rev/min
Mixer Capacity: 25kg/time/15min


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