Polish Pierogi Frying Machine with Stainless Steel 304

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Polish Pierogi Frying Machine is suitable for frying foods with various technological requirements. For example, samosas, pierogi, twists, spring roll, etc., the oil temperature is automatically controlled throughout the whole process, and the temperature can be set at will from 0 to 300 degrees.
Frying Pierogi Machine in Factory
Feature of Stainless Steel Pierogi Frying Machine
1. This frying equipment adopts the advanced technology, it can save 40% oil and gas than a common fryer.
2. The oil and water temperature can be controlled automatically, need to be determined according to different materials.
3. Frying machine can fry all kinds of foods without the taint of odor. no smoke, this can ensure the health of the operator.
4. Machine is with characteristics of even heating caneep stable temperature, wide usage, easy operation, etc.
5. Pierogi fryer machine is made of 304 stainless steel materials, with long service life and can reach thehygiene standard.
Frying Pierogi Machine For Sale
The Automatic Pierogi Fryer Machine has Various Functions
①It has functions such as automatic mixing, automatic unloading, etc., with elevator, it can automatically feed.
②There are two commonly used heating methods: electric heating and gas heating.
③There are many models, and the output, weight and volume of different models are different.
④ High-quality stainless steel materials make food production more hygienic and safer.

How Does Polish Pierogi Frying Machine Works?

Technical Data
Model GGZYD100
Heating method Electric/Gas
Capacity 20-40kg/time
Amount of oil 320L
Fried frame size φ1000*400
Machine size 1500*1400*1700MM


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