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Introduction of Rice Krispies Making Machine
This machine can also be used to make energy bar, so this line is also called energy bar production line. The machine has widely used, in addition to produce rice krispies, it can also make peanut candy, peanut cakes, sachima, rice candy, energy bar, cereal bar and so on. This rice krispies making machine made of high quality stainless steel 304, with the food contact part of the use of stainless steel materials to ensure food health and hygiene. This machine produce rice krispies with different shapes and sizes.
rice krispies making machine
Features of Energy Bar Production Line
1, large production, the machine suitable for the use of factory production products
2, speed controllable, equipment equipped with variable speed inverter, can be flexible control speed, in the guarantee of precision, while achieving easy production.
3, size can be customized, according to different personality requirements, to achieve customer satisfaction effect.
4, easy to operate, user-friendly design, simple electronic control, three-switch that control the entire machine, simple and easy to operate.
5, low fault, ten years of production technology support, Seiko design, basically without fault.

Description of Rice Krispies Machine Line Manufacturer
Because our company is a specialized production of rice krispies equipment manufacturers, since its inception, has been painstaking research on rice krispies machinery, now the company makes rice krispies machine technology has become more and more mature. It has been a veritable production and sales of food processing equipment, professional manufacturers. The company pays close attention to the trend of market trends, with a number of professors and experts to jointly develop novel, advanced and practical peanut sugar machinery to adapt to market demand, while cooperating with Alibaba, products exported to many countries and regions. At present, the company set up a dedicated after-sales service department, in the company gradually develop a strong process, has been adhering to the synchronized development of after-sales service.

Advanced rice krispies making machine, high-quality after-sales service, well received by users! At present, the company design and production of food machinery mainly peanut candyr machine, automatic air puffing machine, energy bar production line, Maitong machine, rice candy equipment, cereal bar machinery, sachima machine, sesame candy making machine, Turkish candy cutting machine and so on. Customers to buy complete sets of equipment, our company will be free to send technicians on-site installation and commissioning guidance, training workers to provide technology and formulations, until mass production. 
Technical Data
Name Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Size(mm)
Cereal Puffing Machine GGFK-120/160 0.75 50/80 1200*500*1200
Temperature Sugar Cooking Pot GGFK-50/100 12 50/100 1200*1000*800
Temperature Control Mixing Machine GGFK-460/ 600 1.1 100/150 680*500*800
Multifunctional Molding Machine GGFK-58 3.3 100-200 5800*720*1400
Servo Model Packing Machine GGFK-280 2.4 50 3700*670*1450


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