Good Quality Starch and Flour Drying Machine

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Operational principles
The equipment is designed by combining air-stream crash with vortex flash vaporization by dry two dry theories.When the material and hot air mix up in the dry tube,they could go ahead at high speed in parallel with two suspended states,and crash head-on in a coaxial container.The material pellets of air-stream penetrate in the wind-stream because of the inertia,which gradually decelerates in the certain distance and accelerates along the opposite direction and penetrates the original jet flow.
After so many damped vibrations,they deviate from the crash zone and flow out directly.
The heavy material containing more moisture in the vortex drier revolves along the outer wall at high speed and crushed by the blender in order to increase the relative velocity and strengthen the effect of heat transfer.The material containing regular moisture discharges from the center to the up.The gas and the products are discharged separately through the gas and solid separator.
The special hydromechanics characteristic can be used.It is improve the dry strength,the effect of heat transfer,the heat transfer coefficienct of the gas and solid and the volume.At present it is the first choice for drying high moisture and bulk material.

Technical Data
Model Power Capacity Floor  Space
GG 42kw 380v 50hz 1t/h 13*8m


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