Commercial Starch Hydrocyclone Machine For Sale

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Features of Starch Hydrocyclone Machine
1. The starch hydrocyclone produced by the company for all kinds of starch starch milk degreasing, separation of fine slag, protein separation, washing and enrichment, chemical food industry, the continuous concentration of suspension, separation, clarification and so on.
2. The starch hydrocyclone machine has the advantages of compact, separation precision, high sealing effect and so on.
3. Widely used in potato, cassava, sweet potato, corn, wheat, Valley (rice) starch, and other chemical industry.
4. The starch washing cyclone is mainly used to extract the refined starch milk, that is, the protein contained in the starch milk (soluble and insoluble protein), fat, fine fiber and non-reactive chemicals, such as the washing off, and the modified starch milk is concentrated.
5. The commercial starch hydrocycle machine is simple to operate and has long service life.
Starch Hydrocyclone Machine
Introduction of Starch Hydrocyclone Machine
The main function of starch hydrocyclone machine is to remove soluble and insoluble protein, fine fiber and sugar in starch milk, so as to get high quality starch milk. Starch hydrocyclone is the company's leading products in recent years, with the development of starch science and technology, the market for starch quality requirements continue to improve, starch manufacturing and deep processing development speed extremely fast, so the quality of starch swirl station and process matching directly affect the quality of starch. Our company starch cyclone using high-quality stainless steel production, equipment surface using a special process treatment, cyclone tube made of wear-resistant nylon, product quality is stable, reasonable price, by the broad masses of starch users welcome. 

Service Commitment:
1, The company provides starch equipment workshop drawings, infrastructure drawings, installation drawings, process flow chart.
2, The company is responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment, training technicians.
3, Three bags of equipment, the warranty period of 12 months, lifelong maintenance, long-term supply of spare parts at cost price.

Technical Data
Model GG205 GG250 GG300 GG350 GG405 GG450
Feed presure(bar) 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7
Sepratating factor 3000-6000
Output presure(bar)  2-3  2-3  2-3  2-3  2-3  2-3
Power of pump/unit(kw)  5.5  7.5  15 18.5   22  37
Capacity(t/y)  5000  10000  20000  30000  40000  60000
Flux(m3/h) 12.5-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-70 70-100


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