With many years of production experience, the company specializes in providing various pastry processing solutions: fried chicken nuggets solution, biscuit solution, spring roll solution, cake solution, etc.
The automatic hard and soft biscuit production line is a professional equipment specially used for producing various biscuits. It is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and two heating methods are optional. It only needs to be adjusted properly once, long-term use, and stable program performance. High degree of automation and high efficiency.
Features of Automatic Cake Production Line

1 The cake forming adopts fully automatic program control, which can quickly change product varieties, touch screen operation interface, and parameter settings are clear at a glance.

2 Tunnel ovens include electric ovens, gas direct-fired ovens, gas hot-blast ovens, different energy options, and different heat conduction methods to meet the requirements of different products.

3 Rich experience in production line matching, each with different types of automatic/semi-automatic production lines, according to customer requirements and actual conditions, tailor-made the most suitable production line for customers.

4 Cake processing process: raw material mixing → automatic feeding → mold injection → grouting forming → baking → cooling → demoulding → sterilization → returning to tray → winding up.

Advantages of Industrial Cake Production Line

Well-known Brand Parts

Exquisite materials: The whole line is made of stainless steel, and the electronic components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure lower failure rate and higher stability of the equipment.

Double Mesh Belt Design

High degree of automation: the baking furnace adopts PLC touch screen control system to prevent misoperation control, automatic safety detection and processing, Chinese and English alarm display and advanced PID temperature control system.

Four-way Chain Lifting System

One machine with multiple functions: it can produce core-filled egg yolk pie cakes, cupcakes and sliced cakes. According to the shape of the mold plate, it can produce colorful cakes of different shapes.

Frequency Conversion Speed Control

High safety: The gas high-pressure protection switch unit is adopted, and the high-pressure igniter has an independent processing system for a single fire exhaust flameout alarm, and cooperates with the PLC system to realize combustion safety monitoring.

Automatic Filtration System

Intelligent equipment: This machine can automatically inject the core of the whole row of cakes, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and at the same time avoids the waste of materials and the cleaning process.

Intelligent Control Cabinet

The insulation layer of the baking furnace is super thick, the maximum thickness can reach 300mm, the insulation effect is good, the surface temperature can be ensured, and the baking effect is better.

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Single Machine in the Production Line

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Cake Filling Machine

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Cake Tunnel Oven

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