Peanut butter processing solution is an industrial automation equipment specially designed for large-scale production of peanut butter. It integrates a variety of mechanical equipment and process flows, including key steps such as peanut roasting, peeling, grinding, mixing, and filling.
The entire production line usually adopts an automated control system to ensure the continuity, stability, and consistency of the production process. The high degree of automation of the peanut butter production line can significantly improve production efficiency while reducing labor costs and human errors.
Features of Peanut Butter Processing Solution

1 Automated operation, realizing a fully automated production process from raw material processing to finished product packaging.

2 Widely used, suitable for the production of peanut butter with different flavors and textures. And it is not limited to peanut butter, but also suitable for the production of a variety of nut butters.

3 Diverse production capacity, large production capacity, to meet large-scale market demand.

4 Use branded parts to ensure that the products produced meet food safety and quality standards.

5 Easy maintenance, each device can be disassembled and repaired separately, reducing operating costs.

Advantages of Peanut Butter Processing Solution

Adjustable Fineness

The fineness of peanut butter can be adjusted according to customer needs, meeting the needs of different markets for product texture.

Corrosion Resistance

The materials used have good corrosion resistance, which prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

Uniform Mixing

Ensure that all ingredients in peanut butter (such as peanut crumbs, oils, additives, etc.) are evenly mixed to avoid stratification or agglomeration of the product.

PLC Control System

Adopting programmable logic control system, it can control various mechanical equipment and process flows on the production line.

Control the Color of Material

Controlling the baking time and temperature can adjust the final color of the peanut butter to meet the preferences of different consumers for the appearance of the product.

Customization on Demand

According to the special needs of customers, the production line can be customized to meet specific production conditions and product characteristics.

What Can We Do ? Customize Your Product Needs for You
Single Machine in the Peanut Butter Solution

Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanut Peeling Machine

Peanut Butter Grinding Machine

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