The tomato sauce processing solution can automatically produce various tomato sauce products from fresh tomatoes. The solution mainly includes five parts: fresh tomato cleaning and sorting system, crushing and pulping system, concentration system, sterilization system, and filling system.
Fresh tomatoes are washed, lifted, sorted, crushed and pulped, concentrated and sterilized, and aseptically filled to become barreled tomato sauce products. The aseptic bagged tomato sauce in the barrel can be further made into tomato sauce, tomato sauce, tomato juice beverage, etc., and then put into upright bags, metal cans, PP containers, etc. to enter the terminal consumer market. The entire solution and related equipment are designed for tomato sauce according to high quality standards.
Features of Tomato Sauce Processing Solution

1 From the cleaning, peeling, seeding, and pulping of raw materials to the final filling and sealing, the entire production process is highly automated, which improves production efficiency.

2 Different yields and packaging forms can be customized according to user needs. The entire line equipment layout and control method can be customized according to customer site and operation requirements.

3 Equipped with advanced control systems, it can precisely control key parameters such as temperature, pH value, concentration, etc. during the production process to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.

4 The solution can be adjusted according to different product requirements to produce tomato pastes of different flavors and concentrations.

Advantages of Tomato Sauce Processing Solution

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

Using vacuum concentration and evaporation technology, the concentration time is short, the heat is fully utilized, and the heat transfer coefficient is high.

International Quality Assurance

The electrical and pneumatic brands of the whole machine adopt internationally renowned brands to ensure lower equipment failure rate and higher stability.

Equipment Safety Design

The solution design fully considers operational safety and protection. The cables used have good insulation performance, reject leakage and short-circuit failures, and ensure production safety.

Automatic Control System

Some systems use advanced PLC automatic control systems, Chinese and English operating systems, and automatic fault alarm systems to make operation simpler and more convenient.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Use energy-saving technologies and equipment, such as high-efficiency heat exchangers and energy-saving motors, to reduce energy consumption.

Durability and Sanitation

The equipment in this solution is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and processed with high precision, with a service life of more than 6-10 years.

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Single Machine in the Tomato Sauce Solution

Tomato Washing Machine

Tomato Crushing Machine

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Tomato Sauce Sterilizer

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