Mini Cone Machinery Line Successfully Delivered in Algeria

2024-06-06 by Lisa
The mini cone machinery line was successfully delivered in Algeria. This project will also help our Algerian customer's mini cone snack manufacturing business double its output and improve its quality.
With the rapid growth of the Algerian baking market, consumers are demanding high-quality, delicious baked snacks. To meet this demand, our customer decided to invest in a mini chocolate cone production line. After much research, they finally chose a machine from Gelgoog.
Automatic Mini Cone Machinery in Algeria

Challenges Faced by Algerian Customers

The main challenge is to improve the production efficiency and product quality of mini cones. Traditional chocolate cones have slow production speed, low yield rate, and require a lot of manual operation, resulting in high production costs. In addition, traditional chocolate mini cones have a single shape and cannot meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers.

In response to this challenge, Gelgoog provided our Algerian customers with a customized mini cone processing line. This production line uses advanced technology and has the following features:
  • Fast production speed and high output, up to 7,500 per hour;
  • High yield rate of mini chocolate cones, less breakage and less waste;
  • Simple operation and high degree of automation;
  • Can produce mini cones in a variety of shapes and flavors, such as chocolate, chopped nuts, biscuit, etc.
Mini Cone Making Machine in Algeria


Algerian customers have achieved great success after using this production line. The successful delivery of the mini cone machinery line in Algeria helped the dessert manufacturer achieve the following goals:
  • Double production
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced production costs
  • Rich product variety
Mini Chocolate Cone Line in Algeria

Algerian Customer evaluation:

Algerian customers are very satisfied with the equipment and services provided by Gelgoog. They said that this production line not only helped them improve production efficiency and product quality, but also opened up new market opportunities for them.
Here are some of their specific comments:
  • "This mini cone machinery line is great! It not only allows us to double our production, but also greatly improves product quality. Now our products are not only popular in Algeria, but also exported to other countries." -- General Manager
  • "This production line is very easy to operate, and our employees quickly mastered its use. This allows us to focus more on product innovation and marketing." -- Production Manager
  • "We are very satisfied with the service provided by Gelgoog Machinery Manufacturer. They not only provided us with great support during the installation and commissioning process, but also provided us with regular training and maintenance services." -- Purchasing Manager.

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