Gelgoog Makes Zhengzhou's SME Digital Transformation List

2024-04-29 by Lisa
On April 23, the official website of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the "List of the First Batch of Pilot Enterprises for Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Zhengzhou", among which Gelgoog was honored to be on the list.
This selection is not only an affirmation of Gelgoog's efforts in building information platforms and innovative applications of digital technology, but also highly praises its positive contributions to promoting the transformation of the food industry and the upgrading of the value chain.
Gelgoog Company
Zhengzhou City is among the first batch of pilot cities for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. It follows the national policy guidance and accelerates the implementation of the digital strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the "Zhengzhou City Pilot City Pilot Work Promotion Plan for the Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". The city aims to use the first batch of carefully selected pilot enterprises to exert its benchmarking effect and inspire small and medium-sized enterprises in the city and even the province to accelerate into the new era of digital transformation. These pilot companies were carefully selected from the four high-tech fields of automotive parts, advanced equipment manufacturing, new refractory materials, and aluminum-based new materials. They all stood out for their outstanding achievements in digital practice and broad industry influence.

Gelgoog, a leader in the field of digitalization of the food industry, adheres to the core mission of "making food production easier and safer", constantly breaks through the boundaries of innovative technology, provides excellent services, and works with customers and partners to draw a digital blueprint for the food processing industry. . The digital solutions it provides are both deep and broad, covering important areas such as production automation control, intelligent quality supervision, and supply chain efficiency upgrades. They have created a solid foundation for food companies, not only effectively reducing costs and improving efficiency, but also significantly enhancing product quality and efficiency. Market competitiveness leads enterprises towards a more efficient and safer future.
Gelgoog Machinery
With its profound foundation in the digitalization of the food industry, outstanding transformation achievements, and active promotion of industrial upgrading, Gelgoog was listed among the first batch of pilot enterprises. This selection not only recognizes its leading position, but also opens up a new path for it to deepen digital exploration under policy guidance and special support. Gelgoog will take this opportunity to pioneer and experiment, discover and popularize cutting-edge digital transformation strategies in the food industry, establish successful models that can be used for reference and popularization, empower small and medium-sized enterprises to transform and upgrade, and jointly draw a new chapter in the digitalization of the food industry.

Looking forward to the future, with the careful guidance and strong support of the relevant government departments of Zhengzhou City, Gelgoog will be deeply involved in various pioneer pilot projects and generously share the valuable experience it has accumulated on the road to digital transformation. We are committed to working together to create a vigorous digital transformation ecosystem, injecting digital and intelligent vitality into many small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting their transformation and upgrading, creating a brilliant future for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhengzhou, and writing a new chapter.


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