Basic operating rules for automatic frying machine

2017-01-10 by sherry
Automatic frying machine mainly for the production of alcoholic peanuts, fried beans, green beans, French fries and other fried foods.
automatic frying machine
The main features of the machines are:
1. Automatic mixing: to ensure the uniformity of the product, to prevent the product from extrusion and adhesion. The product is easy to float by beating mixing and the product easy to sink by scraping the bottom stirring.
2. Automatic temperature control: effective control of the product frying time, to avoid the negligence of the product fried paste phenomenon.
3. Automatic discharge: to reduce the labor intensity of workers, to ensure the consistency of the frying time.
When using the machine, we should obey the below Operating specifications:
1. Check all parts of the equipment before use the fryer, test whether leakage with Test pencil, after ensuring everything is ready, then can operate the machine.
2. Clean up, wipe with dry cloth, put the oil into the standard heating.
3. Get the materials ready, check if the material is clean, clean up impurities.
4. After the oil has been cooked,to work the machine, check whether the abnormal equipment.
5. If there is an abnormal phenomenon immediately shut down, so that the relevant personnel for maintenance.
6. After work turn off the power, pull down the gates, clean health.
7. Water erosion is strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the equipment, do a good job handover records, check the machine before going to work.
Operation of automatic frying pan, we must comply with the requirements of the specification, in order to avoid equipment failure, or cause accidents and endanger our safety.
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