Brief Introduction Of Wood Grinder

2016-08-23 by Lisa
 Brief Introduction Of Wood Grinder
There are a lot old things in our side,but we don’t have any way to deal with.Waste recycling is our traditional virtue,for example the wood,abandoned wood,we can reuse the waste wood. The machine that I want to introduce below can help us to solve this problem.
This machine is called wood crusher,the wood crusher also known as wood shredders, wood flour machine is a new type of wood flour production machinery and equipment. The equipment is small, high chipper quality, low power consumption, is suitable for flowing work, widely used in preparation steps of small and medium-sized particleboard and fiberboard manufacturing enterprises, wood crusher can also be used for the production of commodity wood chips by self-employed business.

There are three types of the wood crusher,some wood crusher,medium wood crusher and large wood crusher.The small wood crusher can crushing all kinds of wood,maximum14 cm in diameter, make about 300 kg wood powder per hour.The medium-sized wood crusher, it can

produce about 600 kg wood powder per hour, with timber maximum17 cm in diameter.And the large wood crusher, produce about 1000 kg wood powder per hour, with timber maximum20 cm in diameter.
 Do you know the use of the wood crushing machine?Let i ask you.The powder of wood can be used on the processing of pine, hardwood, poplar, fir and the original bamboo. With small size, high chipper quality, low power consumption, is suitable for flowing work, widely used by self-employed business and many other businesses.

Wood crusher is an ideal new type of mechanical equipment for the production of wood flour. With the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, high economic efficiency, convenient maintenance and so on, the wood crusher is more and more popular in all kinds of industries.

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