China's foreign trade import and export continue to stabilize for the better

2016-10-09 by admin
Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang recently said that China's foreign trade is not the short-term difficulties faced by uncertain and unstable factors are still increasing, the downward pressure on foreign trade is still great.
Shen Danyang said that the first eight months of this year, the total import and export volume fell 1.8%, of which exports fell 1%, imports fell 2.9%. China's foreign trade import and export is still not blindly optimistic, the situation is still complex and severe.
Customs data show that monthly exports in August, imports were up 5.9% and 10.8% for the month of November 2014, exports, imports for the first time to achieve "double." From the export perspective, since March, the cumulative decline in exports has narrowed for 6 consecutive months. From the import perspective, by the low base last year, commodity prices have stabilized and other factors superimposed the impact of monthly imports in August and a record three-year increase in the largest single month.
Shen Danyang said that China's foreign trade continues to maintain a good trend to stabilize. In the coming months, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to work with various departments and regions to further focus on the work focus, precision force, to implement a series of policies and measures have been introduced to effectively reduce the burden for the enterprise.
Our company will always keep up with the Ministry of Commerce's policy, effectively grasp the quality of food processing machinery, to contribute to a strength of China's food machinery exports.

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