Cleaning Machine - The most important of the starch production line

2016-11-25 by admin
In daily life, most people use washing machine, especially young people, the hardly can not leave the washing machine. In the producting line , there is a machine is very similar as washing machine .It is cleaning machine.
There are a lot of categories of cleaning machine: Three chlorine machine, gas camera, hydraulic cleaning machine, cleaning machine, high pressure cold water high pressure cleaning machine, electric cleaning machine, cleaning machine, gasoline powered electric heating heating diesel high pressure cleaning machine, high pressure cleaning machine, high pressure cleaning machine, mobile industrial stainless steel high pressure cleaning machine, cleaning machine, high pressure explosion-proof hydraulic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine.

screw conveyor cleaning machine

In Automatic Cassava Starch Production Line, Gelgoog use Screw conveyor cleaning machine ,it made of stainless steel, In the production of potato starch, the cleaning is a very important process, it directly infulence the starch quality. Once the litter crush  into starch, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the purification process,increase the cost of production of starch, reduced starch grade, then the price also declined accordingly. The spiral type cleaning conveyor which is produced by our company, has the characteristics of small space occupation, stable and reliable operation, long service life, etc.
The Machine structure:
It mainly consists of a spiral elevator, a shell, a water spray pipe, a drainage hole and a transmission system.
Principle and application of machine cleaning:
Cleaning the potato, then conveying materials to the cleaning cage. It will remove weeds, stones and other impurities which in the fresh potatoes into the lower part of the machine by the spiral elevator,then lift by screw conveyor. In this process, the fresh potato rolling friction within the machine, under the spraying of uniform water, soil washed out from the fresh potato. discharge from the drain hole.This process achieve the purpose of washing. Then fresh sweet potato is discharged from the upper part of the material.

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