Do you know the role of starch in cooking?

2016-12-02 by admin
Starch made by Starch Production Line, production process is also more complex, what is the feect of starch?
1. Starching. It refers to sticky a layer of thin water starch on the raw material, Raw materials into the pan, or boiled water, starch quickly gelatinization, forming a protective layer, lock the moisture inside the material, the material to keep the tender taste.
2. Coating. It refers to sticky a layer of starch paste on the raw material, Is usually used for the food need for deep frying. For example, sweet and sour fillet of pork The raw material into the frying pan, starch gelatinization, forming a protective layer, at the same time, will become golden and crisp, the dishes presented outside Giori tender taste.
3. Thicken with starch. When the dishes are almost ripe, pour the starch into the water in the pot, make a pot of soup thicken, is to thicken soup can be wrapped in sticky dishes, dishes more flavor. If it is a soup dish, soup, the taste is more mellow.
4.Make vermicelli, bean jelly. is add water into the starch is, then made vermicelli, and then dried into bean jelly.

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Factors affecting starch paste:
1.Moisture starch can only be sufficient moisture in the presence of more than 30% of the water will be able to make full starch paste. The water is too low to paste, and the paste is not complete.
2. Action of alkali, alkali can accelerate the pasting of starch
3. The effects of some salts and organic compounds on the starch can be promoted. Such as sodium thiocyanate, potassium iodide, ammonium nitrate and calcium chloride solution, at room temperature can make the starch gelatinization.
4. Role of lipids, lipids acids can be heated to 100 degrees Celsius in the water, as a result of the formation of a stable complex with the amylose. therefore, it is difficult to make starch swelling and paste.
5. Effect of amylose content, Starch with high amylose content was more difficult to be lower than amylose content.

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