Have You Ever Heard or Had "Latiao"?

2016-11-16 by Leo
La Tiao
  At the present time,technology has been developed a lot.And technology promotes the development of food processing,including frying machines.Nowadays,we use frying machines to produce various fried foods.Wise humans have developed food culture to become various.Many kinds of delicious snacks have appeared.And among them,the special Chinese snack which is called ”latiao” is widely liked by many Chinese people and are spreading to many places around the world.
Wei Long La Tiao 
  And in recent months,a funny event happened.The Apple Inc has always been a enterprise which is good at advertising.Its iPhone advertisements are known for the feature of concision.However,recently,the advertisement of “Weilong Latiao” appeared in the eyes of the public.It’s has pretty similar style with iPhone’s.This latiao is actually hotstrips produced by Weilong company.And the price of this latiao is 12 dollars,which equals 76 yuan.After the famous Chinese brand “Laoganma”,latiao has become the second Chinese brand that gets on the American luxury food list.And many people argued about this event online.
  Some people said that there will only be two types of latiao which are Weilong and “others”.And some other people express their opinions that people should be careful with these rubbish snacks.
  Latiao draws so much attention for the reason that it used to be regarded as rubbish food.Indeed,in the past,the conditions of production weren’t so good.And the safety couldn’t be guaranteed.A lot of people concern much about the problems of safety and health.And the truth is that such phenomena did exist for a period.But they didn’t last for long.Because the production conditions have improved a lot with the development of people’s health consciousness.Nowadays,the situation has been much better and has become very standard.
  The most basic reason that latiao draws so much attention is health.Quality matters the most.


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