How much you know about cube sugar machine?

2016-12-05 by Tina
  Initially, people drink coffee, is the manual grinding coffee, after adding milk, sugar or other beverages, made into different flavor of the coffee. Pure coffee, taste is bitter, if add some cube sugar in coffee, taste will become delicious and rich in a variety of flavors.
  Cuber sugar also said half of sugar, it is with fine grained refined sugar as raw material of compressed into half a square block (that is, half of the cube) of high sugar products, in foreign countries for many years of history. It's consumption will increase as people living standard rise rapidly.
Sugar is the feature of the quality of pure, white and glossy, candy bars complete edges and corners, a proper solid and firm, not easy to fracture, but quickly dissolved in water, clearer transparent solution.
  Cuber sugar production is the crystal size of granularity appropriate refined sugar, with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution (or water), become wet sugar contained 1.5 2.5% of water, and then made half a square block molding machine, then through dryer to dry the moisture below 0.5%, packaging after cooling.
  what machine you know can produce cube sugar? In the factory, generally made of cube sugar by sugar machine.
  Cube sugar machine is a kind of automatic feeding equipment, continuous forming technology, continuous briquetting sugar molding equipment, which is mainly used for pressure square shape, and other various shapes. 18 can be made up by 18 * 12 mm and 20 * 20 x 15 mm and a variety of specifications.
  The machine have to work with when using infrared drying oven, plate interlocking machine conveyor, automatic block machine, automatic packaging machine, printer and other supporting, bring into line production.
  This equipment for energy-saving structure, can save energy by 50%, so that the products will be improved.
cube sugar machine


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