How to commerical make peanut butter?

2016-12-05 by Tina
Peanut butter is the product of peanut oil before extraction. Peanut butter for the color of brown, delicate texture, delicious, with the inherent rich aroma of peanuts, no mold, no insects. Peanut butter to high-quality raw materials such as peanuts processed into finished hard-and-mud-like, with rich fried peanut flavor. peanut butter is divided into sweet, salty two, is quite a nutritional value of table food, in the application of western food more widely.
Peanut is rich in protein, fiber, zinc and vitamin e is a good source of vitamin B1, niacin, folic acid contained in its unit unsaturated fatty acids can increase
Plus good blood cholesterol to reduce bad cholesterol to protect the cardiovascular. Busy when coated with peanut butter whole wheat bread with a cup of skim milk is a convenient and nutritious meal.
This peanut butter production line can used for production of the peanut butter,sesame paste/tahini,almond is an ideal equipment for food processing plant.
This production line including the peanut roasting machine,peanut dry peeling machine,automatic feeding machine,grinding machine,vacuum degassing machine,cooling machine and so on.the character is high automation,good reliability,full enclosed production,No pollution,the finished peanut butter achieve the export standard.the detailed technology and capacity can be customize according to the customer requirements.
This peanut butter production line can produce natural peanut butter,stable peanut butter,smooth type peanut butter,salty peanut butter,sweet peanut butter,particle type peanut butter and so on,it also can produce the tahini and walnut butter,can be equipped with variety of configuration and capacity according to the different customer a word,this production line has the advanced technology,stable quality of is the best choice for food processing plant.

peanut butter production line


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