How to deep fryer works

2018-05-10 by admin
The working principle of deep fryer machine
Animal oil produced in the course of their work different principles all submerged in the water, vegetable oils, animal fats lower sink, a fundamental solution to the traditional automatic frying machine residue , animal fats, so that repeated frying shortening acidification carbonation deterioration may cause cancer problem. Improve the quality assurance process, with special health and animal fat residues left the work level, the effective control of the oil concentrate combined convection heating to ensure that the various pure oil, deep-fried food is not only color, smell and taste, see it is very clean (no black spot phenomenon), improve product quality, extend shelf life. Save shortened, environmentally friendly products to solve the traditional frying oil led to overheating and dry a large number of volatile issues. 
deep fryer
Hybrid technology enables the reservoir below the water continues to produce small amounts of steam, and frying oil to add moisture, thereby suppressing a large amount of oil penetration is not volatile; central heating as desired, the electronic control device to control the temperature adjusted up and down, shortening the effective mitigation resulting oxidation degree of inhibition of acid-mediated, thus extending the use of shortening cycle, reduce waste and save more oil than the traditional frying machine 50%, while reducing air pollution, allows the operator to avoid the pain of black smoke.

The deep fryer machine has a wide range of application: it suitable for frying meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and other products, frying, heating with coal as energy simple medium and small food processing enterprises, deep-fried food is not only color, smell, taste, appearance, clean and beautiful; increase product quality and prolong shelf life. This machine adopts imported high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, durable. Intelligent digital temperature control, convenient and practical. Automatic temperature control, no overheating, no residue, avoid acid value increased, greatly reducing the work soot. Automatic temperature control, effective separation of inferior oil, convenient, safe, easy cleaning and maintenance.

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