How to work of the sugar grinder machine?

2016-12-01 by Tina
Sugar grinder machine main chassis, machine door, turbine, shaft, screen mesh, pulley and motor parts.
sugar grinder machine is suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry, drying grain crushing. Supporting the chocolate candy, sand production, sugar. This machine adopts the impingement crushing, the material by the stirring shaft spiral dragon sent to the crushing chamber, the double row 24 to the activities of the high-speed rotating hammer hammer cut and crushed for continuous operation for a certain function, restore elasticity of the material, the impact each other and achieve crush, broken material with the help of the air, into the powder storage bag.
Sugar grinder machine regulated, the motor drive shaft and the turbine at high speed. Circle on the turbine and sieve grinding block composes the crushing, grinding, when material from the hopper into the machine cavity, friction material in the rotation of the turbine flow closely and strongly impact on the inside of the turbine blades, and again in the blade gap between grinding block and grinding. At the same time of crushing material, turbine inhalation of air, the air played a cooling machine, grinding material and the effect of fines. Material crushing fineness depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the material and the air by volume.
This machine use the tooth plate and fixed means of high speed relative motion, make shattered by the impact, friction and comprehensive function such as the impact among the materials themselves are crushed. This machine of simple structure, strong, stable operation, crushing efficiency is good, the crushed material can directly by the host the education in grinding chamber, the particle size can be obtained by changing sieve of different aperture. Casing wall to reach all the machining surface level off is smooth, changed the old type wall roughness, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical and other production can meet the national standards, to suit the requirements of GMP.
sugar grinder machine


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