Nutritional components of sweet potato starch

2016-11-30 by sherry
Nutritional components of sweet potato starchSweet potato cultivation in China is very wide range, from Hainan province to the south, north to Heilongjiang, West to the western mountains and the Sichuan plateau. WHO  after 3 years of research and selection, the selection of the six major health food. Selected health foods including The best vegetables, fruits, the best, the best optimal carnivorous edible oil, the best soup food, best protects brain food., sweet potato is listed as the champion of the 13 best vegetables Experts said that the sweet potato is not only nutritional balance, but also has little known to prevent sub health, weight loss, fitness and anti-cancer role. Sweet potato is rich in starch, vitamins, cellulose and other essential nutrients, but also rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and other mineral elements, such as linoleic acid and so on.
Sweet potato starch contains a variety of human body needs nutrients. It contains protein, fat, sugar, phosphorus, calcium, iron, caroten, vitamin B1, B2, C and nicotinic acid, linoleic acid, According to scientific research, eating sweet potato is not to make people fat, on the contrary, sweet potato is an ideal diet (diet food) also contains a estrogen like substances, can protect human skin, anti-aging has a certain role.
In instury, the mechanized production process of sweet starch is Conveyor - cleaning - breaking - screening - removing sand precipitation (or concentration)- dewatering- dry- air cooling package.
Sweet potato Starch Production Line includes: Feeding Machine, WashingMachine, WashingPeeler, Grinder, Dewatering Machine, Flash Dryer, Milling, Sieving Machine, Packaging. This production line can transfer cassava, potato and sweet potato to starch directly with advanced technology and comprehensive function. It adpots wet processing for starch production without adding any additives in the whole production line.
The sweet starch product produced by this process line is pure, smooth and delicate. Pinch a little starch powder with the thumb and index finger, starch squeaked.

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