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Peanut peeling machine design

2016-12-19 by Tina

In ancient China called peanuts, peanut, be so called peanut.enrich to its high nutritional value, eating can prolong life. In recent years, the us nutritionists through experiments of peanuts and peanut oil, found that it contains a variety of anti-aging ingredients, especially in a single unsaturated fatty acid, resveratrol, beta valley cholesterol, folic acid and trace element zinc 5 kinds of anti-aging ingredients. These components on the functions of adjusting human body's enginery and prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel plays an important role.

Peanuts is a entertainment leisure food, leisure food, from peanut planting to every process need have a machine to help. for example, you can use the peanut peeling machine for peanut peeling.

peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine is mainly used for: milky white peanuts, peanut milk, peanut particles before production, such as peeling, indispensable is blanched peanut production equipment. After peeling peanuts don't broken, color and luster is white, the invariance of the protein. the peanut peeling machine can complete the feeding, peeling, skin absorption, picking, vacuuming, peeling quality meet export standards. the machine reasonable structure, stable running, long service life, to take off the net rate is high.

Peanut peeling machine the working principle of the differential speed rolling friction drive in peanut after baking the moisture is less than five percent (to avoid burnt) when peeling, again through the sieve screening, inhale leather convulsions system, make the whole peanut kernels, half grain, broken horn apart, with stable performance, safe and reliable, high productivity, good effect of peel and lower half grain rate.
This machine is high peeling rate, peeling after peanuts are not broken, color and luster is white, the invariance of the protein. peeling at the same time, the skin, automatic meters apart. in addition, the machine has small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation, etc.


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