Potato Starch Production Line's Two Sides

2016-01-23 by Wendy
the potato starch production line has many advantages for the 90 s modified potato flour mills in China have adopted the potato production line.

Gelgoog potato starch production line design, based on the foundation of the cash processing technology in Europe, at the same time, combining the current situation of the development of China starch industry, with strong research and development and operating strength as the backing, break through the innovation unceasingly, after years of improvement, the processing technology more mature.

POTATO STARCH PRODUCTION LINE advanced technology mainly embodied in the following:
1 High Extraction Rate
2 Less Consumption 
3 Large Handling Capacity
4 Closed Production System
5 Fully Automated Design

But in the actual use process, there are also some problems. Our potato starch production line technology has much room to improve in order to give in the best interest of the customer.

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