Rice noodle equipment technology improve industrialization development

2017-01-05 by Tina
Rice noodle is one of indispensable breakfast in many provinces in southern China consumers, deep mass base and huge consumer market. Nowadays, the traditional handmade rice noodles is less, instead, the mechanization of production. At present, China's rice processing enterprises generally relatively backward production techniques and technology, rice flour processing of braking equipment research and development and promotion is imminent.

Rice noodles, refers to rice as raw material, soaking, cooking, layering and other process made of a strip, filamentous rice products, rather than using rice as raw materials to understand the meaning of words in grinding powder material made of. Rice noodle texture flexible, elastic, boiled do not paste soup, dry fry is not easy to break, match with various dish or dry fry soup or soup, smooth flavor, deeply the general consumer favorite.

Rice noodles machine from the raw material to the complete automation production, realized under the condition of the continuous fully enclosed finished steamed pasting and dry powder, fans and multiple times. In the process of production, raw materials in products and finished goods link to avoid direct contact with staff, ensure the health and safety in production.

Rice industry is a traditional food and the perfect combination of modern food processing technology evolved by the industry. Any product, only formed a certain scale of production, is an industry, and the root of the technology is to improve the production efficiency, is also the most solid foundation products forming industry. Only speed up the rice flour processing equipment technical improvement and innovation, rice flour industry constantly bigger and stronger.

rice noodle machine

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