Row material of noodles-the wheat flour

2016-11-22 by Ellie
In our daily life, we often eat noodles, and sometimes we make noodles by ourselves, so do you know something about the raw materials of noodles? Generally speaking, noodles are made of flours, but there are many kinds of flours. Manufacturers can choose raw materials which are easy to get with a cheap price.
In terms of wheat, it is a general name of wheat series products, which is widely cultivated in many regions. Wheat is originated from a region named Levant, and is thought to be the earliest crop planted by human being in the world. The caryopsis of wheat is one of staple foods for human, and it can be made into noodles, breads, steamed buns, and biscuits after grinded; it can also made into beer, alcohol, and fuels after fermented. Wheat is rich in starch, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins.
Wheat is one of the three grains, and its yields can be used as food totally, and only one sixth is regarded as fodders. With the development of intensive processing industry, wheat is processed into many products, and they are popular among consumers very much. 
fresh noodle maker
Many materials can be made into noodles, and noodles with different raw materials have different advantages. Generally speaking, manufacturers will choose raw materials which are cultivated widely in the local region, so as to reduce production costs and save time and energy. As one of the representatives, wheat flour is a best choice for noodle making enterprises.
Wheat flour can be made into many products, but steamed buns and noodles are the most popular on the market. As the food machinery industry is developing all the time, the production of noodles is completed by the fresh noodle maker at present in order to meet the market demand. 
fresh noodle maker
The production of noodles has a long history in China. Noodles made of wheat flour are soft and delicious. There are a lot of cooking methods for consumers, and any materials can be added into noodles to improve its nutritious value. 


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