Some Detail Knowledge of Frying Foods with Frying Machine

2016-11-07 by Leo
frying machine
  Frying is a method and process of cooking foods.And the foods are commonly processed with frying machines.First,we heat edible oil till it reaches proper temperature.Then put foods into the oil so that the foods will be fried enough.By frying with oil,the microorganism in foods will be wiped out.Meanwhile,it can prolong the storing period.Besides,it will make foods taste more delicious,increase the nutrition and make them have beautiful golden color.
  Fried foods taste delicious and crisp and are suitable for many consumers to eat.Most of us know how to fry foods.But less people understand the detail process happened when frying.
  Following let me explain the principle.
  When foods are being fried,the heated high-temperature oil can transfer the heat to foods quickly and averagely.The temperature of the surface of foods will be promoted very rapidly.Then the moisture will evaporate and leave the surface a dry layer.And the dry layer will gradually change into hard shells.After that,the layer will start to move deeper inward.When the temperature of the surface reaches the temperature of heated oil,the inside temperature will gradually increase.Meanwhile,caramelization reaction will happen on the surface of foods.Several parts of substances will decompose and special taste and smell of fried foods will come out.
There are five stages during the process of frying.
    1.Beginning stage.After putting foods into oil,the surface temperature will reach the boiling point of water.In this stage,there is no obvious phenomenon of moisture evaporating.Heat is mainly transferred by the pattern of natural-convection.The surface of fried foods maintain the color.It doesn’t have the feature of crisp and absorb little oil.The starch in the center of foods hasn’t changed its features.
    2.Fresh stage.In this stage,a lot of moisture on the surface will suddenly evaporate.The shell of cortex will appear.The quantity of heat will increase.This stage is the main stage for foods to get their smell,taste and structure.And this stages takes the longest time and most energy.
    3.The most suitable stage.In this stage,the quantity of evaporating moisture and transferring heat will be reduced.The main pattern of transferring heat is heat conduction.The foods during this period have best taste and smell.
    4.Deterioration stage.The color of foods start to turn black.They have absorbed oil too much and become loose.The surface will become hard.
    5.Abandoning stage.The color gets blacker.The surface get pretty hard and the phenomenon of carbonization appears.


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