The development of rice noodle mechanized market will come

2017-01-09 by Tina
Rice noodles as Chinese characteristics snacks popular for thousands of years, especially the guilin rice noodles is speaking. Now, most of rice noodles made of machine, dry powder, foam, traditional craft few and far between. With the development of food industry, rice production mechanization, standardization is the trend of The Times. Maybe someone will regret machines to make out the flavor of the traditional manual, but believe that through continuous improvement and breakthrough of rice noodles machine can produce delicious rice noodles.
rice noodle
In the 21st century, China's rapid economic development, people growing demand for food, traditional rice vermicelli production efficiency is not high, low standardization, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the huge market demand and food safety. Therefore, rice production gradually transition from manual to mechanization, and standardization, obviously improve the degree of automation. Now, we see rice noodles on the market basically has to get rid of the traditional manual production, using the rice noodle machine universal machine.

Traditional rice noodle processing, the need to go through crushing, steamed rice cook, forming three program, easy to cause secondary pollution, produce rice flour is used black, and requires a lot of manpower, it is difficult to reduce costs. And rice noodles machine has the characteristics such as simple operation, convenient, health, not only low cost, high yield, processing of rice noodles, glittering and translucent, fine and good taste.

The emergence of the rice noodle machine effectively alleviate the pressure enterprise production, the capacity expansion, reduce the labor cost has a great help. Times are changing, however, that consumer demand is also changing, food processing machinery and keep pace with the development, inevitably affect the progress of the entire food industry.

rice noodle machine


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