How Does Sugar Cubes Made Commercially?

2018-07-20 by Tina
Sugar cubes, a food of cube shape, often used in coffee or tea. How does sugar cubes made commercially? In order to meet the needs of consumers, sugar cube machinery manufacturers began to develop advanced equipment to produce sugar cubes. After years of research and development, GELGOOG Machinery's sugar cube making machine is well known internationally.
The main part of the sugar cube making machine is a horizontal cylindrical drum, in its circumferential surface horizontal many columns (usually 24) strip mold, mold each more than and 10 square holes. The drum per minute more than 10 RPM speed of rotation. Good wet sugar after shock, hopper fall into the square hole in the top of the drum, with the rotation of the drum, is outward from the center of head movement gradually pressing, forming block. When they are rotated to the bottom position, the head is pressed out of the hole, and the conveying belt is discharged. 
how does sugar cubes made commercially
This sugar cube making machine is an automatic feeding sugar, automatic compression molding, continuous press block of the machine, which is mainly used for pressure block shape and other shapes. The standard size has the 16x16x13mm,18x18x15mm and other many kinds of specifications. This equipment is mainly used to add water powder or granules, such as sugar (sugar, red sugar) and chicken essence, MSG, sugar, such as the fluidity of better particles or powder. According to the different raw material, the yield changes; according to the material, the machine should be used with stirring feeder, infra-red drying oven, flat-panel linkage conveyor, automatic block machine, automatic packaging machine, coding machine and other supporting, into the assembly-line, such as white sugar, chicken essence, and brown sugar, sugar, after the direct compression block can be completed by packaging.

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