The influence of weather on the production of noodles

2016-11-25 by Ellie
As we all know, the timely harvest of agricultural products can meet the market demand, wining the market share. However, the weather in harvest season is not so good, so wheat not harvested timely will face with the risk of decrease of quality. Therefore, timely and fast harvest of wheat becomes the attention of farmers.
In this year, with the application of machinery, thousands of tons of wheat have been harvested timely, avoiding the harm of weather successfully. Thus, the efficiency of machinery can’t be compared with artificial labors. 
 fresh noodle maker
Wheat is one of the three main grains, and is also one of the staple foods in people’s daily life. After grinding, it can be made into bread, steamed bun, biscuit, and noodles. And it also can be made into beer, alcohol, and vodka after fermented. With the competition in the industry becoming fierce, as well as the challenge brought by the weather, machinery equipment plays an important role on the intensive processing of wheat.
Milling is the first step for intensive processing of wheat.  As the productivity surplus of wheat is getting serious, the traditional processing method can’t meet the marker demand ant longer. Researching and developing new wheat processing technology and equipment, expending the wheat industry, become the effective way to dealt with huge storage.
With the development of nutritious science and overall understanding of healthy consciousness, products made of wheat are chosen by customers. 
fresh noodle maker
In terms of intensive processing of wheat, noodle is a typical representative. After milling, wheat flour can be regarded as the raw materials of noodles. What’s more, with the development of food machinery, every single process is completed by machines. The production of noodles is finished by fresh noodle maker at present, which enable manufactures to meet the market demand.
Generally speaking, the fresh noodle maker is composed of a whole set of production line. It has the function of automatic dough sheet pressing, noodles forming and cutting, as well as the function of automatic hanging.


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