Semi-automatic Operation Egg Tart Machine

2019-05-14 by admin
Our company produces different types of egg tart machine, manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Here we are talking about semi-automatic operationequipment, it is easy to operate and is used by one person. Medium production, customers can choose suitable one for their needs.
Types of Egg Tart Machine
What are the Features of Semi-automatic Egg Tart Machine?
1. The egg tart machine is controlled by Imported schneider PLC, forming by pneumatic pressure. 
2. It is made of stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, turntable mechanical structure.
3. The turntable is made of aluminum, the egg tart is not easy to stick to the mold, and the mold is easy to clean.
4. The mold of egg tart maker can customized according to customer demand. Capacity: 28pcs/min, 36pcs/min, 48pcs/min.

This is a semi automatic operation egg tart machine, medium production ability, suitable for small and medium egg tart manufacturers, it made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic. If you want a larger output, we can provide. At the same time, if you consult the egg tart recipe, we can provide it for you free of charge.

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