Working Principle Of Noodles Making Machine

2018-06-27 by Tina
Noodles making machine working principle: put flour through roller relative rotation extrusion forming, then through the nose section before the knife across the piece of cutting, forming noodles. Noodles depends on the shape of cross section of the specifications of the knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of cut knife, so a noodles making machine after changing the different knife can make all kinds of noodles. 
noodles making machine
There are different kinds of noodles machine for you:
Article automatically pick a form noodle machine: it is made up by multiple sets of surface roller arrangement of machines, a high degree of automation, efficiency, time and energy.
Machine by flour through multiple sets of surface roller extrusion forming, then through the nose section before knife cutting noodles, noodles, the length of the breaking device for automatic breaking, again by automatically pick a type of noodle bar above, cut into hanging on the article choose the device, to dry noodles.
Noodle machine, assembly line noodle machine is the highest degree of automation of noodle making machine, flour through multiple sets of surface roller extrusion forming, the former head cut knife, breaker broken, again by automatically pick the lever handle, make the pressure to noodles automatic on surface of the stem, through the dryer chamber, drying after the noodles into intelligent slice machine, automatic cutting forming.

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