The noodles or cakes?

2016-11-04 by Ellie
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
  Generally speaking, everyone will be familiar with this song, which is sung in birthday party, representing happiness and wishes for the person. No matter it is in Eastern countries or Western countries, people attach great importance to the celebration of birthday. In addition to gifts from relatives and friends, a birthday cake or a bowl of noodles are essential.
  In the past, there were no birthday cakes in many countries, take China for example, people in this country used to prepare a bowl of noodles for their relatives, as it was called Longevity noodles. However, noodles are not only used in birthday but also thought to be the staple food in many regions and countries. In Western countries, the production technology and equipment were invented very earlier, so people were able to make a birthday cake for their family members or friends, also representing happiness and wishes.
  With the exchanges and communications in the world increasing constantly, both noodles and cakes are introduced to countries in the world, so it is available for consumers to make preparations for their birthday in accordance with their habits.
automatic noodle making machine
  Therefore, what will you choose to eat in your birthday. In fact, there is no contraction batween, with the globalization speeding up, the clutural exchanges and communication between countries is also enhancing. When eating noobles, have you ever thought of the production of noodles. Here is a basic introduction of production of noodles.
  Noodles are made by the automatic noodle making machine at present, and the production of noodles is completed by a whole set  of production line, which mainly includes doughing rolling machine, noodle forming machine, noodle cutting machine, drying machine and packaing machine. 
automatic noodle making machine
  Even though the productin of noodles is a little complicated, with a whole set of production line can make the process simplified, so this production line is suitable for large quantities noodle manufacturers. If more detailed information about the production line is needed, please contact us with no hesitation, and best services will be provided.

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