The working principle and characteristics of the peanut butter machine

2016-11-28 by Tina
 The working principle of : peanut butter machine by the motor through the belt transmission belt regulated tooth (or called rotor) and the matching tooth (or called stator) for relatively high-speed rotation, the weight of the processed material by itself or an external pressure (can) generated by the pump pressure produces spiral downward impact, through constant, transfer between tooth clearance, clearance can be adjusted by powerful shear force, friction force, high frequency vibration, such as physical function, make the material being effectively emulsification, dispersion and grinding, the effect of ultra-fine grinding and emulsifying materials.
The main features : relative to the pressure-type homogenizer, peanut butter machine first is a kind of centrifugal equipment, it has the advantage of simple structure, equipment maintenance maintenance convenient, suitable for high viscosity materials and large particles of the material. Its main drawback is decided by its structure. First of all, due to eccentric exercise, the traffic is not a constant, the corresponding to the same sticky material flow has changed a lot. The same equipment, for example, in dealing with the paint sticky materials and thin milk fluid, the traffic can be a difference of more than 10 times; Second, due to the friction between the stator and the material, so easy to produce a larger quantity of heat, make the treated material degeneration; Third, the surface is easy to wear and abrasion, refine the effect will be dropped significantly.   
 mainly used for peanut butter, silky, flavor , sweet and salty butter , peppery butter , sesame paste, its biggest advantage is high output, and can be directly to the whole peanut grinding paste. Also apply to milk, peanut milk and dairy protein , essence, all kinds of beverages, aloe, pollen walls, pineapple, , ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, conserve, fruit juice, etc.  
the material processing fineness further increase, increased yields, can adjust the thickness of the grinding head design, more able to adapt to the customer's requirements, water circulation pipe diameter increased, increasing the water flow, greatly reducing the temperature of the material, so that the product tastes closer to nature.
peanut butter machine


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