Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line has been ordered by Indian customer

2018-05-10 by admin
The following photos are from our Indian guests to visit our company, and from our company to buy a banana slice production line. The banana chips production line is specially used to produce high-quality banana slices of the equipment, the entire production line including banana peel, cutting, blanching, dehydration, fried, off oil, seasoning, packaging.
india customer visit
customer visit
banana chips production line customer visit
customer visit
Customers have Contact sales manager for nearly three months, from the initial product is understood to already be familiar with the banana chips production process of the precautions, customers have been very familiar with these production lines, and in these months in the process of selling patiently waiting for customers to solve all questions, customers also in the process of several vendors are compared, this site visits and visits only of the company's factories and offices visited, through face to face dialogue, customers have identified the purchase intention, and signed a purchase contract. Factory production has begun to busy, we must ensure that customers produce quality clearance machines.

The plantain chips production line is easy to operate, and work with high efficiency, there are different capacity for customer to choose by their requirement. If you also interested, please feel free to contact with us. My email is

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