Continuous Belt Conveyor Roaster Shipped to Australia

2017-02-07 by Lisa
continuous nut roaster
Continuous belt type roasting machine adopts electric heating or gas heating and other methods to heat, equipped with automatic temperature control device, high temperature stainless steel, conveyor belt speed can be adjust. Low rate of broken roasted food, without pollution, is an ideal food processing equipment for roasting, drying peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios and other granular food.

A Australia guest buy the roasting machine because of its high quality and high efficiency, the power of the machine is 55KW/380V, heating pipe can be customized. East operation, saving time and manpower, made by high quality stainless steel, make sure the food safety and health. This roasting machine not only have the large capacity, we also provide different capacity of roasting machine for customers choose.


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