Selling Automatic Scratchings Frying Machine in UK

2020-05-11 by Lisa
Last week we had a customer from the UK who bought an automatic scratchings frying machine. Mainly to upgrade the machine and expand production. The customer watched our video on the website and found it very suitable for his needs. After contacting us, we immediately made a quotation for him and communicated with him about the details.
Automatic Scratchings Frying Machine in UK

Respond to customers in a timely manner, leave a good impression for customers, and then communicate with professional account managers to confirm the problem, and then make a quotation according to customer needs. Throughout the process, our communication with customers is very harmonious and smooth.

What are the advantages of our automatic scratchings frying machine?
① With compact design, simple structure and this equipment is easy operation. UK customers can use it improve the efficiency.
② Food-grade stainless steel 304 material guarantees safe material contact and clean production.
③ Accurate temperature control system can control the belt speed by frequency conversion speed regulation according to the frying process.
④ There are emergency stop switches on both sides of the fryer. When any dangerous situation occurs during the operation, the equipment can be stopped immediately.
Scratchings Frying Machine in UK with Factory Price
The company provides different types of frying machines. We can make quotations according to the different needs of customers. The larger the output, the higher the price. If you have any requirements, you can contact us at any time, we will reply you in time.

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