Electric French Fries Frying Machine Price in Pakistan

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Introduction of Electric French Fries Fryer Machine
When use this french fries frying machine, pour the right amount of oil and water, then adjust the temperature, wait for the temperature to rise, and put the potato strip to fry. This machine is the professional equipment for frying food.
Electric French Fries Frying Machine Price in Pakistan
The entire oil temperature is automatic control, the temperature from 0-230 degrees can be set at will, suitable for frying a variety of process requirements of food. The machine use the oil-water mixing process design, and ordinary frying pan compared to more save cooking oils. The oil-water separation surface is equipped with the observation glass tube and the discharge valve detection device. The water line can be more accurate. 

Advantages of French Fries Frying Machine in Pakistan
1. This series has different models, the outputs are different, to meet the different needs of customers.
2. With automatic temperature control system, deep-fried products are bright color, good taste.
French Fries Frying Machine in Pakistan
3. Use foreign advanced frying technology, continuous improvement, optimization, strong and sturdy.
4. In the process of frying food residues can be filtered through the water into the lower part of the funnel, does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body.
5. This french fries frying machine is more convenient to use, suitable for small scale fried business.
How to Fry French Fries in a Fryer Machine?

This french fries frying machine with stainless steel material, good appearance, frying the food more healthier and more hygienic. If you want to know the price, please email [email protected] or send the message on whatsapp +8615515571373.
Technical Data
Model GG-ZKE1
Heating Type Electric
Power 12KW
Dimension 700*700*950MM
Weight 90KG
Oil discharge 68


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