500PCS/H Ice Cream Waffle Cone Manufacturing Machine Quotation

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Description of Waffle Cone Manufacturing Machine
The industrial waffle cone machine can produce 500 pieces waffle cones per hour, it is newly developed by our factory. The whole set of equipment includes baking machine, rolling machine and storage tank. With different cone molds, electric heating mode, one machine can manufacture a variety of cones at the same time.
Ice Cream Waffle Cone Manufacturing Machine
Satisfying the different needs of customers, it also greatly improves work efficiency, increases operating income, and reduces production costs. Waffle cone manufacturing machine is a device with low investment and simple operation. Applicable to food processing plants, booths, laid-off workers.

Testing Video of Ice Cream Waffle Cone Machine

Features of Industrial Waffle Cone Machine
  • This machine is made of stainless steel 304 material, the quality is guaranteed and the use time is long.
  • Semi automatic operation, this set of equipment requires only one worker, simple and convenient.
  • The size of the ice cream waffle cones can be changed according to the change of the mold.
  • Practical equipment, suitable for entrepreneurs to start a new business, one hour can make 500 pieces ice cream cones.
Ice Cream Waffle Cone Machine
Advantages of Waffle Cone Manufacturing Machine
  1. Various Capacity: we'll make customization according to requirement of each customer.
  2. Using the thermostat, heating temperature can be adjusted automatically, the temperature control is accurate.
  3. The heating plate sizes and patterns are customizable, coated with teflon, non-sticky.
  4. Using a special process, non-stick layer heating plate, mold can be customized to meet different need.

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Technical Data
Model Capacity Power Biscuit Size Biscuit Thickness Dimension Weight
GGDCD6 300KG/H 10KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 140*140*125CM 250KG
GGDCD9 400-600KG/H 14.5KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 160*160*125CM 270KG
GGDCD12 600-800KG/H 19KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 170*170*125CM 300KG
GGDCD15 800-1000KG/H 23KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 180*180*125CM 330KG
GGDCD18 1000-1200KG/H 28KW 7-20CM 0.5-4MM 190*190*125CM 360KG


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