The customer from Russia come to visit the company for frying machine

2017-01-11 by Tina
The customer from Russia come to the company today. The customer have a potato chips factory. The customer need purchase a frying machine in china. The customer is satisfied to our frying machine, the customer come to china talk some detail about the frying machine, for example, how to correctly use the frying machine, how to clean the machine?

The sales tell the customer about the machine in detail, later, the customer have requirement about the material. The customer need the machine is stainless steel. Our frying machine is very suitable. The frying machine is whole is made of SUS304 stainless steel +PLC touch screen control structure.

This continuous automatic snack frying machine is mainly used to fry food, like potato chips, French fries, peanut, meat burger, chicken nuggets, etc. Electric and gas, two types frying machine for your selection.

customer visit


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