Factory Price Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine in Nigeria

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Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine is bamboo as the processing raw materials, through sawing, cutting, drying, ruler, sharpening and other process then formed bamboo toothpicks, it is a affordable production line with factory price and high efficiency.

The bamboo toothpick machine is very hot sale in Nigeria, we have sold several units, and customers are satisfied with our machine, of course, we also sold to other countries, users who interested can contact us 008615515571373.
Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine
Bamboo Toothpick Production Process: Raw bamboo -- feed saw break -- open bamboo strip -- play a fixed width open sheet -- drawing -- bleaching -- drying -- cut ruler -- polishing -- finishing -- sharpening --packaging.

Technical Features of Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine
a. Can produce two tip toothpicks, 8 hours output is 800,000, about 100 kg.
b. Need to operate staff 4-6 people, convenient and fast.
c. Food grade material production, good machine quality, long use time.
Machine for Making Bamboo Toothpick
Advantages of Nigeria Bamboo Tothpick Machine
1. Whole production line need 5-7 workers.
2. The capacity is 600000 pcs/8 hours, can make diameter 2.2mm and the length 65mm with two sharpened ends toothpicks. 
3. We also can match the machine according to clients need, such as users need to produce a head of a carved bamboo toothpicks, to replace No.9 machine with sharpening machine, etc.
4. We are professional in this field, our engineer can help you install and adjust the toothpoick machine in your country. 

Working Video of Factory Price Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine

Technical Data
NO. Name Power Weight  Size(mm)
1 Bamboo sawing machine 1.5kw 65kg 900*510*930
2 Bamboo dissection machine 3.0kw 630kg 3000*850*1200
3 Bombined flaker 3.7kw 450kg 1460*660*1000
4 Bamboo filament shaping machine 9.1kw 450kg 1050*650*990
5 Bamboo filament set-size machine 0.75kw 85kg 1500*650*990
6 Polishing machine 1.5kw 120kg 1050*1050*1200
7 Toothpick set-size machine 2.75kw 240kg 900*700*950
8 Toothpick finishing machine 0.55kw 70kg 1050*900*850
9 Toothpick sharpened machine 1.65kw 260kg 950*650*1050
10 Knife Sharpener 0.55kw 50kg 370*330*720

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