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Introduction of Caramel Treats Production Line
The machine is mainly suitable for making crispy caramel treats, rice candy, cereal bar, melon seeds crisp, sachima caramel, black rice crisp, etc. They can be square or rectangular, and the dimensions of caramel treats can be adjusted. This caramel treats machine has advantages of operating simply, using conveniently, producing in large quantity, cutting for good shape, adjusting length arbitrarily. In China, there are many manufacturer of peanut candy machine manufacture.

This machine can operate on touch screen, controlled by PLC program, variable frequency speed control, automatically correct the product parameters, convenient and quick operation. Continuously and automatically feeding, forming, cutting, and conveying, the frame is made of section bars with enough rigidity and strength, the external is made of 304 stainless steel.
Crispy Caramel Treats Production Line
Advantages of China Crispy Caramel Treats Machine
1. Double frequency conversion control, leveling the cuttings in once  time.
2. With a number of flat structure, suppressing flat, thickness uniformity.
3. Advanced frequency control of motor speed can meet your needs in different products.
4. Automated cutting which is saving time, saving labor, economic and convenient.
5. High quality, the krispies treat machine is made of stainless steel 304, conform food safety requirement.
6. Working process of caramel treats is simple, mainly consists of mixing machine, molding and cutting machine.
7. Sachima caramel size can be adjustabled by the customers requirements. 

The automatic caramel treats production line adopts microcomputer control, automatic cutting correct dimension. Concise and clear transmission system, continuous production reduce labor, high yield. No need gas source, direct production does not destroy products organization. A rotating hopper, automatic baiting and automatic filling material, good Molding degree, don't stick mold, rotation system is concise, clear. This production line is the main product of caramel treats machine manufacturer in China, sell well in many countries.
Technical Data
NO. Equipment Name Power Capacity Dimension(mm) Quantity
1 Dough Mixing Machine 9kw 200kg/h 1800*1200*1800 1
2 Multi Roller Flour Press Machine 3kw 200kg/h 4000*1000*1200 1
3 Automatic Frying Machine 0.75kw 300kg/h 4200*860*2000 1
4 Sugar Pot Machine 18kw 300kg/h 1600*1200*1000 1
5 Sugar Mixing Machine 1.6kw 200kg/h 1300*1800*800 1
6 Stainless Steel Conveyor 0.37kw 400kg/h 3200*600*1000 1
7 Automatic Pressing and Cutting Machine 3kw 500-800kg/h 11800*1800*1200 1
8 Pillow Packing Machine 2.4kw 50kg/h 3700*670*1450 1


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