Automatic Frozen Fish Weight Sorting Machine

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The automatic frozen fish weight sorting machine is mainly used for the online dynamic weighing separation, it can work continuously sorting the products with different weight in accordance with the set weight level, automatically classified collection and packing, and can realize automatic classification and stroage statistics and various kinds of data.
Frozen Fish Weight Sorting Machine
Features of Fish Weight Sorting Machine
1. Quick release type structure, convenient cleaning and maintenance. 
2. With German high-precision and high-speed weighing sensor processing module, automatic zero tracking system, embedded temperature and noise compensation system, to ensure that the system is stable and accurate.
3. As many as 200 kinds of products storage and convenient and rapid for switching products.
4. Intelligent parameter adjustment function, directly according to the product size adjust Settings, parameter set password protection, only the administrator can operate. 
5. Super seven inches color LCD screen, easy operating system and friendly man-machine interface.
6. With functions of sorting and data statistics, USB data storage function, data outside communication interface.
7. Strong self diagnosis function, effectively improve the efficiency of the operator processing fault.
8. The standard model of fish weight sorting machine can be set up to three weight range.
Application for Weight Sorting Machine 
1, Apple, peach, pineapple, citrus and kiwi fruit, dragon fruit and other fruit weight classification work automatically.
2, 0ysters, sea cucumber, abalone, crab, prawns, fish, seafood products automatic weight classification work.
3, Suitable for notoginseng, American ginseng, rhizoma polygonati, manasseh card, angelica sinensis, rhizoma gastrodiae, herbal medicinal herbs, etc.. 
4, Apply to white chicken, duck, pig feet, chicken feet, chicken leg, drumsticks, chicken breast meat and other slaughtering meat automatic weighing. 
5, The fish sorting machine suitable for fresh corn, asparagus, bamboo shoots, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables of automatic weighing and grading assignments.
Technical Data
Item Lifting Conveyance Sorting
Dimensions 1500*700*1200mm 2500/*300*1100
Power 0.37Kw 1.1Kw
Voltages 380V/50HZ,Three phase
Capacity     240pcs/min
Materials Stainless Steel 304(except tray)


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